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Why did I name it "We Catching Pips"? 

If you have never traded before you may not know what a pip is. 

Watch this video for a short explanation! 

I started We Catching Pips to reach out to people who were just like me. We want to learn what the "others" are doing to make money too. Why do we have to pay $300+ in order to learn? 

Well I paid it and now I am passing the savings onto you! 

I will teach you everything that the other companies are teaching without charging you equivalent to your car payment every month. 

Let's be realistic! How can you pay that if you still have bills every month? And what will you have left to actually  invest into  trading when you feel ready to switch from Demo Account to Real Account?

Exactly! Join the team with me and let's learn this together! 

Join with me so you can teach your kids!

Sign Up Now and let's catch pips together!